Happy Birthday decal, streamers, staples, masonry drill bit, confetti, ribbon, stapler, yarn, unicorn fleece, floral cotton fabric, black cotton sheet, Girl Scout Trademark fabric, kitchen floor tiles, gym shorts waistband, American Tourister® suitcase, bottom/sole of woman’s black high heel shoe, lingerie size 30 A, orange duct tape, Immaculate Conception School Extended Day Program child’s cotton t-shirt, St. Mary’s Vacation Bible School child’s cotton t-shirt, purple wrapping paper, granite counter top paint in chocolate, Valentine’s Day tinsel, red gingham plastic table cloth, black tulle, glitter thread, floral fleece, sheer purple bed canopy, sheer white fabric, pink cheetah fur, clothespin, Gymnastics Camp child’s cotton t-shirt, pink silk poodle print child’s pajamas, orange cotton fabric, green dye, fabric window cornice, orange wrapping paper

Strappy red tank top, tinsel, black cotton sheet, pink wrapping paper, popcorn spray ceiling texture, copy printer paper, New Mexico travel guide pages, tempera, gold glitter, green tea, general purpose flour, purple dye, indoor home décor fabric, baby shower balloon, broken broom end, acrylic, canvas, clear packing tape, variety colors of tulle, Snow White child’s Halloween costume, ribbon, Iphone battery, Cabin Dreams fleece, Girl Scout Trademark cotton, Holiday Poinsettia cotton, black comforter, semen, exotic dancer platform heels, pink cheetah fur, pink area rug, sheer white ribbon, purple shine thread

Pink wrapping paper, liquid foundation bottle, orange wrapping paper, magenta cellophane, coffee, Sexy Candy Corn Halloween costume, striped outdoor patio fabric, clear packing tape, pink thread, red mesh ribbon, plastic wrap, AXE® Body Spray, dirt, miscellaneous craft and party supplies, Happy Birthday wrapping paper, yarn, athletic shorts, canvas

Reflective alphabet stickers, streamers, glitter, yarn, butcher paper, acrylic, canvas, thread, bright yellow copy printer paper, tulle, button down shirt, bridal wrapping paper, rotted microwave pizza bite, broken Christmas ornaments, lingerie, denim pants, recycled natural wrapping paper, Happy Birthday wrapping paper, gold glitter, paper towels, white sugar, women’s night gown, wool, silver striped wrapping paper, Outdoor Recreation Camp Staff cotton t-shirt, shower curtain

White sheer ribbon, pink silk poodle print child’s pajamas, yellow cotton fabric, girl’s swim trunks with menstrual blood stain, locked Brinks lock, comforter stuffing, bright yellow copy printer paper, bright purple copy printer paper, latex interior wall paint, cornstarch, white sugar, Minnie Mouse wrapping paper, orange wrapping paper, Happy Birthday wrapping paper, pillow stuffing, Valentine’s Day wrapping paper, From God to Us: How We Got Our Bible pages, Barbies, Ken doll, various American Cancer Society stuffed animals, Teletubbie, Care Bear, Beanie Babies, red cellophane, purple wrapping paper, pink wrapping paper, baby shower wrapping paper, Epsom salt, clear packing tape, tempera, canvas

Honors college cord, tailoring tape measure, Noah’s Arc kite, comforter stuffing,

bathing suit padding, dining room chair armature, construction paper, tempera, bridal wrapping paper, lingerie, homecoming dress from 2010, assorted colors craft felt, pink floral cotton, Country Birds cotton, denim jacket, white denim pants, Aggies mascot college tank top, various patterned fleeces, Thanksgiving patterned cotton, red gingham plastic table cloth, black lace blouse, black ribbon, Girl Scout Trademark cotton, satin pillow case, tulle, blue beaded blouse, strap of a bathing suit, graphic t-shirt, striped outdoor patio fabric, striped cotton shirt, pom-pom balls, hot glue, canvas, gold glitter, poster board, streamers, staples, Barbie black cat child’s Halloween costume, Immaculate Conception School child’s uniform top and undershirt,  ring bearer pillow, pink glitter thread, purple shine thread

Paper towels, tempera, Equate brand BB cream, acrylic, brown packing tape, glittery clothespin, Mardi Gras beads, string, gold mesh ribbon, 4 foot artificial Christmas tree, twinkling multi-colored Christmas lights, canvas drop cloth, wrapping paper

Girl Scout Junior vest, Starbucks coffee cup, dead cockroach