My First Painting Sale was to a Coke Dealer.


My intention wasn’t even to sell paintings, or any artwork or designs, I just wanted to decorate my house.

I moved in with 4 roommates and we were renting a house, for the year, in our college town.  I wanted to hang something funny up on the wall that wasn’t just another New Mexico flag or band poster.  Using acrylic I recreated a meme on Instagram of someone photo shopping The Creation of Adam painting and making it so God was selling Adam cocaine.

For my roommates birthday we had a party at our house and this guy came up to me and asked if he could buy that painting.  He pointed right to it, and I was drunk so my initial reaction was to say “Really??”  Luckily, instead of him then asking how much I want for the painting, because my drunk ass would have said $75, or something low like that, he asks “Is $200 enough for the painting?”  I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped at that moment, but again, I was drunk so some details are splotchy in my memories.  I do remember not believing that he was going to purchase it right then and there, and I also remember him pulling two 100 dollar bills out of his wallet.  My memory jumps to me somehow on the counter top untacking the tapestry style painting from the wall, rolling it up, him asking me to sign it with a Sharpie, and then more Vodka.

I woke up in the morning, trying to figure out if that drunk memory was real or not.  Upon walking into the kitchen I saw that the painting was no longer on our wall and, in my room, I did have $200, which my drunk self placed in a popcorn box on my bookshelf because I thought that was the safest place at that moment…

When I asked my roommates who the fuck I sold my painting to they informed me that he was a friend of my roommates friend, and also that he sells cocaine.  It all makes sense now.

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