I Just Want to Promote my Cunt Shirts!

With social media allowing promotions and sponsored ads, small businesses have a much greater chance of being successful.  They can take advantage of Instagram and Facebook as platforms to market, and potentially reach many consumers who, without these social accounts, would never know about these small eCommerce businesses.

With my t-shirts, I wanted to hold a Black Friday sale and use promotions as a way to reel in more eyes on my shirts and merchandise.  I made new designs to get ready for my promotion, excited because I thought my small business was about to gain visibility and spike in sales, especially for Black Friday.  I was shot down by both Instagram and Facebook.

It makes sense.  Though I’m pissed that I can’t promote my shirts, the designs are a bit intense.  Cunt and Buy a Fucking Vibrator directly violate the rules that forbid profanity and anything involving sex toys.  I am literally promoting the use of a vibrator, of course they were going to deny me.  I’m sure they weren’t too happy about me trying to promote never sucking dick for free either.  I’m still annoyed though.

I tried a second time, this time censoring everything with an emoji.  Instagram and Facebook still shot me down stating that the web page linked to my promotion contained sexual imagery, even though the Instagram draft pictures were censored.

Also makes sense.  I’m just mad, but also impressed, that the bot, or maybe person, went so far as to follow my web page link to make sure that whatever I’m advertising is also appropriate.


My plan to get around the fact that I can’t promote anything is a two part plan:

1)  Reach out to social media influencers as my promoters.  Maybe if accounts like HoeGivesNoFucks appreciate my designs, and I offer a free shirt, the influencer behind the accounts will make a post about my shirts.

2)  Come up with some new designs that aren’t as inappropriate.  Maybe some more illustrative designs and less bold texts?  The high number of new designs would hopefully bury my text designs and hide them from the Instagram ‘investigator.’

Would I be burying and hiding them from my potential customers though?

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